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We had fabulous news, from our lovely clients at Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust (LCH). Their communications team have been shortlisted for 4 awards, at the Public Sector Communications Awards this September.

Why are we so happy? Well, our Community Equipment Amnesty campaign, is one of the campaigns being shortlisted for 2 of the awards.

Community Equipment Amnesty

The Community Equipment Amnesty is an ongoing campaign aimed at prompting people in Liverpool to return their borrowed NHS equipment, including things like wheelchairs, walking sticks and crutches. When these items are not returned, it costs the local NHS over £500,000 annually.

Kev decided upon an ‘line-up’ approach, featuring various items of community equipment to get people into thinking about whether they have any of the ‘usual suspects’ lurking around their home and giving clear information on how to return them. The campaign was used over printed formats, web graphics and LCH’s entire fleet of vans!

After being rolled out in March 2017, the campaign featured on BBC1’s, The One Show, who had a whole segment on returning equipment and the huge costs to the NHS. It seems to have made a positive impact though, as to date it’s saved the local NHS £1.9 million and seen a 40% increase (so far) in people returning borrowed items.

Community equipment amnesty on BBC's The One Show

The campaign has been shortlisted for the ‘Community Relations Campaign of the Year 2017’ and the ‘Local Community Initiative of the Year 2017’ at the Public Sector Communications Awards

Good Luck to LCH for all the awards you are nominated for!

For more information on the Community Equipment amnesty please visit Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust


Featured on The BBC’s One Show was another winning campaign from Splinter’s resident NHS expert Kevin McCann. NHS account manager Kev’s ‘Line up’ design encourages people to return their borrowed medical equipment: wheelchairs, crutches, zimmer frames etc. to the NHS and save money.

Besides printed and digital media the ‘Line up’ design has featured in local media including The One show and been seen locally on the side of vans that are collecting people’s medical equipment. The Amnesty campaign  has proven to be incredibly effective for clients Liverpool Community Health as they have had a 40% increase in people returning borrowed equipment in the last couple of months, helping save the NHS a whopping £1.9 million in 6 months.



We at Splinter don’t just like to eat doughnuts… we like to rock n roll as well. With that in mind last weekend I became one of the 16000 people to take part in the Liverpool part or the Rock n Roll Marathon series, which began in San Diego in 1998 and now has at least 30 events worldwide in cities like Liverpool, Washington DC, Dublin, Madrid and Las Vegas.

The weekend comprised a 5k on the Saturday and a Half Marathon, Marathon and a 1 mile on the Sunday…Oh and a big piece of bling and a free beer at the end – what’s not to love about that?

I’ve been running for around 2 years and am still very much a beginner. I completed couch to 5k, found a beginners running group local to me through the Run England site and started adding on some miles over the last 18 months. Last year I ran 10 x 10k races and joined the Penny Lane Striders running club. This year my challenge is 3 or 4 half marathons. I ran my first half in Liverpool in March and this was my second.

It wasn’t “fun”, but it was definitely fun as well. It was way too hot, and the sun along the prom was brutal for the last 4 miles, but it was a laugh, loads of music and people dressed up along the course. There were so many people out cheering and so many lovely people to chat too on the course from other running clubs, it really amazes me the community feel. The course was a lovely winding course through a beautifully clear sunny Liverpool. it definitely showed off the city at it’s best and the mix of grand buildings at the pier head and in town mixed with the quiet leafy parks we ran through was beautiful.

It wasn’t my fastest race, but I am pleased to have completed another one and to come away with 3 medals out of it – a 5k one, a half marathon one and a remix one because I did both events.

Only problem with Rock n Roll is… you want more… so I’ve already signed up for next years Liverpool race, and plans are afoot to maybe go to Dublin so I can add an encore medal (for running a second event) and a world rocker medal (for running in 2 different countries) to my collection.

It’s all about the bling don’tcha know…

Skippy finisher

The UK Government has selected Splinter as one of the companies to provide digital services to The UK Government’s Digital Marketplace.

Managed by The Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service, whose ‘job is the digital transformation of government’, the framework helps government and public sector organisations to find and select specialists to work on digital projects.

Splinter’s inclusion allows us to offer digital services such as: API, WordPress, game, app development, user experience and design.

This win comes off the back of being successful to supply digital services to The Welsh Government’s department of Education…Scotland for the hat-trick!


Splinter and Liverpool company Twin Vision have been busy working with schools to create Liverpool’s ‘Local Offer’ app. The ‘Local Offer’ is a new law, which states that every local authority must talk with children and young people, with special educational needs or disabilities and their families to find out what sort of support and services they need.



Splinter recently launched 2 Welsh second language apps to promote and encourage learners to engage with the Welsh language. The games are designed for teachers and pupils of Primary and Secondary schools.

As a preferred supplier of digital services to The Welsh Government’s, Welsh in Education Resources Branch, we were pleased to have been invited and won the competitive pitch.



We were delighted to get the awesome news that we’re finalists in this year’s Lovie Awards with our BBC Seymour Science animations! There’s some very talented companies who are fellow finalists, so we’re honoured to be in amongst them all.

But we need your help please. There’s a People’s Choice award, which is voting for by the general public. If you could vote for us in the Internet Video > Animation category that would be amazing. And if you could get anyone you know to vote as well that would be even better. GO VOTE HERE!

Shameless promotion over! Thanks for your time folks.


The Horseshoe Falls Quest App has just gone live for both Apple and Android.

Triggered by GPS location, the Horseshoe Falls Quest is designed with families in mind. It offers a fun way to explore and learn more about this beautiful area, full of wildlife and history. The App guides you on a short walk (1½ miles / 2.5 km) from Llantysilio Green Picnic Area with regular stops for questions which draw your attention to the many points of interest – a gallery also provides extra information and old photos. Once the quest is complete, you will be awarded a ‘badge’, available to show your friends via social media, depending on which sort of questions you answered best.



We were delighted to hear that the CBeebies Storytime app won the award for Best Digital Children’s Content at the Broadcast Digital Awards on Wednesday. We’re proud to have been able to contribute to the project, in the form of animating a number of the stories within the app. Congratulations to everybody involved at the BBC — it’s a fun project to work on! You can read more about the award on the Broadcast site and you can download the Storytime app via the BBC site.


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