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You can’t help but love The Muppets, and Queen aren’t bad too! So what’s not to like when you put the two together??


Splinter are proud to announce that one of our gang, illustrator Stephen Chan, has beaten over 250 applicants to win the UK’s Don’t Panic poster competition. The competition is part of the PlayStation® Season and Manchester International Festival, the award is made even more prestigious as Stephen’s design was chosen by graphics guru/legend/master Peter Saville ( who said:

The work questioned the subject [innovation] and posed multiple answers. Also it was one of the only works executed in a contemporary visual idiom, whereas a lot of the posters were styled using a retro aesthetic. I discounted these immediately as they weren’t innovative in style, even if the subject was attempting to be innovative.

To get your preview of Stephen’s winning poster and find out more about the competition please see;

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