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Huzzah! We are so proud that User Busy, our Adolescent neglect campaign created for Cheshire East Council and the Local Safeguarding Board, has been shortlisted for a Campaign of the Year Award. The Local Government Awards are the largest and most prestigious in the sector, recognising excellence and best practice.

The campaign’s approach was based on insight gained from; desk research, working in partnership with child protection professionals and feedback gained from two workshops with Eaton Bank Academy College students.

Since its launch in March 2017 (4 months) User Busy’s:

  • Webpage has had over 2,000 hits
  • 387 practitioner have attended training workshops
  • The campaign toolkit has been downloaded 124 times

The Campaign & PR Toolkit can be found here

You can read about the campaign here


Nick Golding, LGC Editor said:

“The awards seek to identify and recognise local government’s greatest innovators, whose achievements are often under reported.”

Thank you again to all our partners who helped bring this important campaign to fruition.

BBC Famous People

0 14 Jun 12

Famous People

“When you realise that there are 21 characters, each with 3 mini-games, that makes 63 mini-games that needed creating within 6 months – which seems unfeasible. But the way we got around that was by building game mechanic templates which could be reused multiple times…”

Jon Raffe, Splinter

Splinter has recently created Famous People; a suite of Flash games aimed at a Primary school audience; for the BBC’s Primary History site. The project had a fixed deadline, due to it needing to fit within the annual budgeting period for that department. The suite focused on 21 famous characters throughout history, with each person’s game containing 3 different mini-games. The total of 63 mini-games were created within 6 months. The team built game mechanic templates which could be reused multiple times. Parallel pipelines facilitated a structured process flow, gave the client a good overview of the whole process and also ensured we met the fixed deadline.

While the visual, educational authoring and audio work was in production, the game frameworks were being built which could be re-skinned and re-used across all the different characters. In total there were 6 completely distinct game mechanics, which got mixed and matched depending on the story we were trying to tell for each character. We’re really happy with how flexible they became and how different all the games still feel from each other.

To make sure we kept within the short production timescales, we started each batch of game by doing four fully worked up visuals for each character, consisting of the main scene and three embedded mini-games. Across the 21 characters there are 84 different environments, ranging from Seb Coe’s Olympic stadium through to a Shakespeare-themed quiz show!

Those initial visuals then allowed our storyboard artist to sketch out a full run-through of each character’s game. Each character’s storyboard ran to 20 pages, with 3 panels per page, resulting in an immense 1, 260 storyboard panels.

Within the timescales the games went through multiple debugging phases, as well as a structured user testing session.

To find out more about how we created the Famous People games please visit our blog.

If you wish to link to each individual games please visit the following page:


They are one of the most creative, reliable companies I’ve worked with and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone else. Their illustration and design work is top quality – they understand the audience completely and interpret the brief well.

Rachel Duckhouse, Producer, BBC Scotland.

Splinter were commissioned to write, design and produce 11 Bitesize KS1 interactive science games for the BBC. Once the project commenced we were also commissioned to produce a further 7 titles focused on the Scottish Level 1 curriculum.





To find out more about how we created the Max & Molly games please visit our blog.

If you wish to link to each individual games please visit the following page:

Sophie’s Journey

0 28 Mar 12

Wirral Council’s Road safety team commissioned Splinter and partners Liverpool John Moore’s university to produce Sophie’s Journey: a PSHE/Maths Key stage 4 learning resource for Wirral schools.

The CDROM and printed pack have been produced to address the main aims of the project which were to embed Road Safety into the National Curriculum as a means of targeting pre-drivers to communicate the principles and benefits of road safety.

Splinter carried out a consultation that included focus testing, questionnaires and interviews with 14-17 year olds, road safety specialists and teachers.  We also consulted community stakeholders e.g. Road Peace, emergency services etc. The report recommended a media rich CDROM and printed pack that would  appeal to teachers, parents and children with varied IT skills, road safety knowledge and curricular abilities. We also ensured the materials accommodated different learning styles. Each of the 5 lessons on the CDROM include rich media including video, flash interactives, audio, PDF downloads & html links.

There are 5 lessons, 4 with a PSHE focus and a maths lesson. They can be taught with or without the use of the interactive CDROM.  By teaching road traffic awareness in the classroom we hope young people will learn valuable lessons, gain a greater understanding of risk and be safer.

The learning materials include teacher and pupil evaluation forms so the project’s long term pedagogical aims can be evaluated.

Sophie's Journey Video

Sophie's Journey Game 1

Sophie's Journey Game 2

Mersey Care NHS Trust provides specialist mental health and learning disability and substance misuse services for the people of Liverpool, Sefton and Kirkby. They commissioned Splinter to design and produce 5 video / motion graphic sequences to be displayed in waiting rooms throughout the region.

The sequences dealt with subjects such as the illustrating the Patient Journey, Jargon Busting and Data Security. They combine motion graphics, practitioner / service user interviews and raw video footage.




Splinter were recently asked to produce an interactive display for ACC Liverpool‘s stand at Confex, an international event which brings together the world’s top event organisers. To stand out as an exhibitor ACC were keen to have an augmented reality interactive display to wow their visitors.

What is Augmented Reality? – An Augmented Reality application is one which combines real world footage with virtual on-screen graphics in real time. It gives the user the ability to manipulate what’s on screen with something as simple as the movement of their hand.

Making use of ACC’s new branding elements we came up with an interactive experience where visitors could hold up their visitor card to the screen and interact with the graphics on screen to see if they had won one of the available prizes.

The display was a huge success with the Confex crowd, and drew a lot of interest from the press, thus helping promote ACC as a brand even more. You can see the application in action in the video below.

Make Global

0 17 Nov 09

Junction K commissioned Splinter to develop Make It Global as part of a wider web initiative on behalf of the Northwest Regional Development Agency. Make It Global is a content rich, interactive micro-site which sits within the main site. The site explains, and promotes the potential of careers within the manufacturing industry.

Our solution features a bank of six screens, with each screen focusing on a particular manufacturer and stage of the manufacturing process such as product development, design, sourcing, and fair trade. Each screen features a combination of video, animation, interaction and gaming to produce six engaging individual pieces. These are supported by more in depth fact files and teaching resources.

Splinter provided all elements of makeglobal including: concept development, research, copy, video, animation and illustration.

LSTM showreel

0 06 Nov 09

Working alongside motion graphics house Sparkle Media, we have recently completed two moving image presentations that the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine are displaying in their foyer.

The first presentation celebrates the organisation’s long history, and the characters that have been involved in its development. The second is a large scale HD animation project which promotes their national and international activities by bringing archive images to life.



Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council wanted to promote a series of events to be held over the summer of 2009. The events are to promote understanding between individuals of different ages across the borough.

Our solution was to produce a viral campaign based upon the premise that Knowsley has run out of tea. The 2 minute piece features a reporter from Boston News interviewing a range of Knowsley residents expressing their distress at the lack of their favourite brew.

The sequence was distributed on social networks, and has been supported by more traditional marketing channels.

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