BBC Information Security campaign Client: BBC

Hardly a week goes by when another cyber hack isn’t in the media and in terms of a cyber-target The BBC and its staff are a high profile target.

In order to prompt BBC staff to complete their mandatory online data security training the Information Security team asked us to create a visually impactful and influential campaign.

It’s vital that the BBC are extremely careful with any information they use and that all staff comply with data protection guidelines, so we created a fun and informative campaign to engage staff with their training, designing a cheeky character called datum…a data ninja in training to become a full data black-belt.

Ninja Strip

Project team

  • SarahSenior Designer
  • ClaireIllustrator
  • RachaelProject Manager

“This is the biggest milestone in terms of training of InfoSec for staff within the BBC we have ever achieved so we want to make a big impact. It’s our one and only shot to get staff aware of, and prompt them to complete the training as soon as possible as well as promote the team”

Robyn Maddocks, BBC Information Security Communications and Training Specialist

Handily there were 7 modules, so we created a Ninja concept with 7 Ninjas from white belt to black belt, each covering one of the topics e.g. passwords, encryption, data protection etc. We created a “ninja take over” of each poster with 
a message pertinent to that module being spoken by a ninja “spray painting” (graffiti) into the title.

Assets made included a suite of Posters for each Ninja, E-Signatures, Intranet graphics, e-news, Screen stills and a 10 second animation short shown on the BBC buildings’ communal area screens.

The campaign is being used across the BBC and BBC Wales information teams so all assets had to be produced in English and Welsh.


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