Cheshire East Parking Annual Report Client: Cheshire East Council

Recently we have finished working with the Parking Team at Cheshire East Council on their Parking Services Annual Report for 2017.

This is a complicated document that councils can submit to Patrol (Parking and Traffic Regulations Outside London) a joint committee that represent over 300 local authorities in England (outside London) and Wales.

Parking Services Annual Report for 2016-17

Project team

  • SarahSenior Designer & Project Manager
  • RachaelCopywriting, Editing & Proofreading

PATROL undertakes initiatives to support its LA members and raise awareness of the objectives of civil enforcement, one of which is by encouraging LAs to produce parking annual reports for their authority. These are entered into awards presented by PATROL for the annual reports that best present the targets and objectives of the authority, to their residents.

Patrol provides a Toolkit for authorities to explain how to present the information and we were asked to edit and proofread the content to fit the Toolkit's best practice guidelines. Cheshire East, being one of the biggest authorities in the North West, has a wide range of urban to rural traffic management, so has a lot of information to impart. It was a challenge to structure and present the content into the preferred way.

We designed a clean and simple document that includes photography, provided by the authority, particularly of the Civil Enforcement Officers giving a bright and human feel to the content. We incorporated key quotes and facts within a graphic version of a Parking Charge Notice and added a simple wireframe of a car to add flair.

We are proud of the outcome and it will be available on the Cheshire East website to download for this next year…and you never know, we might win the PARC (Patrol Annual Report by Councils) award!

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