INTERN TO WORK Client: Liverpool City Council

The Children and Young People’s Service at Liverpool City Council, asked us to create a brand for their Supported Internship programme.

Supported internships are specifically for young people between the ages of 16 and 24 with an Education, Health & Care (EHC) plan in place. EHC plans are documents that describe a child or young person’s special educational, health and social care needs and what extra help they may need to support them achieving their goals. The internships offer work experience with a day a week in college to support the interns learning and skills.

National rate of employment for young people with learning difficulties is 6%, but by working with local businesses and support workers, the service hope to match the success rate of the Supported Internship model developed by National Grid, who have an above 60% success rate for employment after their internship.


Project team

"They are superb, thank you both for your work and support on the project. It’s great fun isn’t it, I feel so lucky to be part of it all. Feedback from interns, job coaches and project leads on the logo has been brilliant, they are all chuffed with it."

Martin Wilby, Commissioner, Children and Young Peoples Service, Liverpool City Council.

We were really excited to do this job as we come from an industry where fitting in boxes and being the same as everyone else isn’t the norm, and being the one who is different often works in your favour. Also having friends and family with EHC’s meant an opportunity to work with people to create better understanding of people with EHC’s.

Our first task was to prepare a focus testing session where we could work with a cross section of the current interns. They work in a range of sectors from landscape gardening to the hospitality industry and the service are currently in the process of signing up more and more companies to give a greater range of choices for their interns. We had a 2 hour session where we got the interns to think about what the internship meant to them and what they wanted to portray. They were also writing down names and designing their own logos for us to take away…all aided by chocolate and biscuits!

At the end of the session we were blown away by the ideas generated, but we had clear leaders after a vote on the names, so we recreated them for the interns to choose their final version from. However, as they’d put so much effort into the session we opted to create all the logos so they could see how their ideas could work.

The final logo was chosen by the interns' and is adaptable enough for them to use in different colour ways throughout the brand's development.

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