Newsletters and Magazines Client: Edge Hill University Knowsley Housing Trust Liverpool Community Health Liverpool PCT

We have extensive experience producing newsletters and quarterly magazines for clients such as North Huyton New Deal for Communities, Knowsley Housing Trust, Edge Hill University E42 and Liverpool Primary Care Trust.

For the last 5 years we have been designing Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust (LCH) quarterly newsletter, Connect.


Project team

  • KevinDesigner & Print Manager
  • RachaelDesign Manager

The 20 page magazine was originally called ‘PS’ (Provider Services) and has now recently been renamed to ‘Connect Magazine’ which we rebranded based on LCH's ideas. The magazine is for staff who work in LCH and is also published online via our handy pageturn pdf website.

The idea was to make the magazine to look different from many other NHS newsletter publications available, so we opted for a more ‘high street’ magazine look and feel to encourage people to "pick-me-up". We approached this by being more photographically driven rather than being text heavy and uninviting, focusing on the information and staff that the articles were about. Although Connect has an over-arching brand, the magazine is constantly evolving to keep it fresh for the readership.

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