PETRUS Branding Client: Petrus Regenda Housing

Splinter where recently asked to rebrand The Petrus Community, who are now part of the Regenda Housing group.

The Petrus Community is a registered charity providing residential and day support services for people in housing need throughout the Borough of Rochdale (including Heywood and Middleton), Rossendale and Oldham. They work extensively with homeless people, people with supported housing needs and the local communities that they are part integral too.


Project team

  • SarahSenior Desinger/Project Manager
  • KevinSenior Designer/Production Manager
  • RachaelManager

Within the job we were required to rebrand the main Petrus brand and its sub brands, Petrus Housing, Petrus Hub, Petrus Women, Petrus Store, Petrus People and Petrus PIER.

Petrus has been running since 1972 so they didn’t want to move too far away from their current and well-known brand, with this in mind, we worked closely with them to update the logo in line with Regenda’s corporate brand, whilst maintaining its own identity.

After creating comprehensive guidelines we then proceeded to create templates in Power point and Word for staff to use day to day, plus a set of illustrations for each sub-brand

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